22 May 2009

200 years ago the forces of the Austrian empire defeated Napoleon at Aspern-Essling. Archduke Charles (pictured here) was in command, and after supervising the destruction of 50,000 French lives, retired from military life.

14 May 2009

New Hampshire is about to become another state to pass a marriage equality bill. This leaves Rhode Island
as the only New England state where same-sex couples cannot marry; an irony which is probably not lost on Providence's openly gay mayor.

08 May 2009

Three days ago I bought a Nintendo DSi, along with two games. One of them is "Final Fantasy III," which is an homage to the SNES game of 15 years ago. It's fun, although I am always slightly appalled at the default character names (e.g. "Luneth," "Refia", "Ingus").