28 June 2009

Congratulations, cable TV, you totally dropped the ball on the revolution unfolding in Iran. While the Islamic Republic teeters you wallow in nostalgia for a recently deceased 50-year-old entertainer. I would like to point out that said entertainer lived 8 years beyond the male life expectancy in Afghanistan (a country where we have tens of thousands of troops, but perhaps you forgot).

22 June 2009

--Take a look at this Missouri highway, and try not to vomit.

15 June 2009

Dowlat-eh Koodeta, Estefa, Estefa!
For a translation, go here.

My prayers are with the disenfranchised citizens of Iran today. I have seen many images on the web that convince me Iran is a dynamic society bursting with the frustration of millions. Imagine that Mitt Romney was the chief cleric of the United States, declared McCain the winner of last year's election, and ordered all Obama's campaign staffers thrown in jail: then you'll have some idea what is happening there.

04 June 2009

Reid, the majority leader, was awarded Sotomayor's first meeting. So eager was he to praise the nominee that he became tangled in his own cliches. "We have the whole package here," he announced in his office yesterday morning with the smiling Sotomayor seated to his left, her hands folded neatly in her lap. Further, Reid said to her, "you've been an underdog many times in your life but always the top dog."

I think Aristotle was right after all. Members of an oligarchical body (the Senate) will never stop trying to prove they are as vulgar as the masses.

03 June 2009

Alexander Cockburn in the Nation, June 15 issue:

The court's decision on May 26 to uphold the voters' ban
last year on same-sex marriage will ensure that a torrent of money pours
into California as the non-profits and political action committees on both sides
prime their bank balances for the next state initiative. Long-term, it's a shot
in the arm for the tourist industry, too. Half a century down the road, long lines
will be forming in the Castro for visitors to gawk through the window of some
antique store at the wizened last same-sex couple legally married before the
ban kicked in. Of course, it also means month after unendurable month of gays
whining on TV about the horrors of not being able to marry. Ban all marriage,
I say!

It may not happen in your lifetime, Mr. Curmudgeon-Cockburn, but I am confident that in fifty years, there will be many hundreds of young same-sex couples in California with the full force of the law behind their unions.