27 August 2009

The Atlantic Monthly Business headlines today are the best I've seen in any 'business' section, ever.

--Why are Medicare Recipients Against Government Healthcare?
--Has the Great Depression Taught California Nothing?
--What Would the Deficit Look Like Without Bush?

25 August 2009

The Economist has an obituary of Gayatri Devi, Maharani of Jaipur. Very interesting, if a little fawning. Apparently while in prison for "currency offences" she
softened the blow by pouring French perfume into the open sewer in her cell. As it ran through the building, Asia's largest prison and one of its worst, other prisoners gathered to inhale the wafting vapours, the true scent of royalty.

It must have smelled terrible.

17 August 2009

Yesterday I picked some compelling scenarios from Slate's End of America project. Well, not so compelling to the digirati: two of my favorites, "Pax Indica" and "Declining Military Standards", were ranked among the least popular.