29 September 2009

The latest from Rush Limbaugh:

"Turning to the Washington Post today, Fareed Zakaria. He's also an editor at Newsweek, and I think he still has his own CNN show, but they have so small an audience that I don't know if anybody ever sees it."

No, nobody except millions of intelligent people who can handle a brown man explaining the world to them.

"And [Reagan] was despised for that by the left and the Democrat Party said, "Whoa! You can't talk like that. That's only going to be destabilize the situation." But he was right. No compromise with bullies. No compromise with liars. No compromise with thugs."

And the Republican Party said, "We gots the best grammar than you." Seriously, though, Reagan was happy to funnel money and arms to Saddam Hussein, and Pinochet, and Pakistan's generals (the list might go on).

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