20 October 2009

James Bowman writes regarding the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell:

In fact, we do not know and we cannot know what our armed forces would be like under such conditions....In Britain, the change came about in response to an order from the European Court of Human Rights, whose decrees have the force of law. For this reason, it would not be in the interest of any officer who valued his career prospects to remark upon any problems that the presence of gay soldiers, sailors, or airmen might be causing in their armed forces. Nor has the performance of the British Army in Iraq or the Royal Navy in the Persian Gulf been such as to render all suspicion of damage to morale, good order, and discipline ridiculous.

Way to call our British allies pussies, Bowman. And I suppose the examples of Canada and Australia (who have allowed openly gay servicemembers for 16 years) don't count because, well, they've been "feminized" by playing too much rugby or something.

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