13 October 2009

A Memo to the President:

This past weekend, you told the Human Rights Campaign you were "committed to ending Don't Ask Don't Tell." I'm sure you are aware that Rep. Ellen Tauscher introduced a bill doing just that in Congress in March of this year. It now has 176 bipartisan cosponsors.

I appreciate your respect for the legislative process, but it has become all too clear that the Senate will not touch this issue with a hundred-foot pole. Every day, our tax money is being spent on the persecution and discharge of servicemembers who happen to have the wrong sexual orientation. This policy is pernicious and stupid, and I cannot see how you hope to win the war in Afghanistan without scrapping it.

If you cannot bring yourself to sign an executive order suspending the enforcement of Don't Ask Don't Tell before March 1st, 2010, I will regretfully decline to vote for you again.

Skye Winspur

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