16 October 2009

Yesterday's Balloon Boy odyssey was the fourth nail in the coffin of cable TV. White child number 7,340,323 goes missing ("missing" defined as whatever his parents say); law enforcement spends hours searching, with accompanying footage of a ridiculous-looking tin foil balloon on CNN; Wolf Blitzer elicits a confession of fraud from the unharmed boy, seems to reject the possibility of foul play, and starts milking this udder for all its saccharine potential.

Anyone who gets their news from diverse sources knows that a boy was beaten to death not a month ago in Chicago, outside a high school, and that there are thousands of malnourished and homeless children in this country. Will mainstream TV ever spend a small fraction of their 24/7 coverage on these things? Of course not. When a cute fair-skinned child is said to be in danger (by his reality-TV whore father, of all people).....

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