07 November 2009

Bob Dylan's 45-year old song "Times they are a-changing" never gets old. I composed this revision yesterday.

O gather round preachers, saints and the lay
See the closets and walls start to crumble to dust;
Your prejudice, blindness, the old pious ways
Are gasping their last as all folly must;
For the country's youth are raging--
For the times they are a-changing.

Catholics, Mormons, what's with the hate?
The Jesus you follow of that said 'enough'--
To turn back society, too little, too late,
Let each one pledge life to the one he loves,
For the war you are waging is waste;
For the times they are a-changing.

Our republic is grounded in freedom for all;
The state can't enforce the laws of a church.
Our polity flourishes when people stand tall;
It's betrayal to leave our friends in the lurch.
Your Canadian neighbors are saying
For the times they are a-changing.

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