04 November 2009

It looks like Virginia has a new governor.

I know it's so rude to cite his doctoral thesis from 20 years ago--I mean, how dare we dig up these documents from a politician's past and use them against him? But I think we might want to know the deepest thoughts of a man who will be governing the state right across the Potomac from our nation's capital.


  1. The undermining of respect for parental authority in favor of state direction or individual autonomy, and the contemporaneous purging of religious influence in the public schools has impaired the development of healthy family members....

  2. ....the view of marriage as an indissoluble lifelong commitment had been abandoned. In its wake is the perverted notion of liberty that each individual should be able to live out his sexual life in any way he chooses without interference from the state.

  3. [Republicans should] fight any attempts to redefine family by allowing special rights for homosexuals or single-parent unwed mothers.

Finally, this gets first prize in historical kookiness:
"Within this very century, history will record in Russia, Germany, China, Algeria, and other nations, the efforts of rulers to carry the vision of Hobbes, Rousseau, and Marx to fruition: the destruction of the family institution."

Damn that godless family-hating Hobbes...

The thesis is well worth a read-through, not least for the glowing references to Newt Gingrich (who knows so much about lifelong marriage commitments).

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