29 January 2010

The Houston Chronicle reports on the Senate vote to confirm Ben Bernanke:

Senators from opposite ends of the spectrum formed alliances. After Sanders, who calls himself a socialist, finished denouncing Bernanke, Sen. Jeff Sessions, a conservative Republican from Alabama, rose to do the same.

WTF, Chronicle? Since when are you qualified to decide who is a real socialist and who is a true conservative? Oh, pardon me, it's so obvious that Sessions is a conservative: he has supported the invasion and occupation of Iraq from the get-go, and voted in favor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, an extraordinary intervention in a matter traditionally left to the states.

18 January 2010

Brian from Tucson comments on Towleroad:

Agreed that Obama has been a huge disappointment and a crappy leader, kissing the asses of Republicans and pushing gays to the side. Still...STILL...we are better off with Obama than we were under Bush and the Republicans. The right wingers were actively anti-gay, pushing state referenda to enshrine discrimination in state and the federal constitions. Better to be poorly led than to be continually attacked.

I must disagree. The gay American has exactly the same legal status as he did at the end of Bush's presidency. His marriage has no value whatsoever in federal law and he can be discharged from the military for admitting his sexuality.

While it is nice that we have a leader who can construct English sentences, we have every right to demand real change. On this MLK Day I thank Ted Olson, David Boies, and everyone who is contributing testimony to the ongoing Prop 8 legal challenge in California. As so often, the West Coast is forging ahead where Washington fears to tread.

16 January 2010

Apparently there was once a Democratic candidate in the Massachusetts special election who was willing to speak out against corporate abuses.

The sovereignty of big business in a two-party political system cannot be underestimated. The British Labour Party has gone down the very same road as the Democrats, quietly sidelining anyone who questions the sacred status of the financial sector in the UK economy. Labour has become the "caring" side of the political oligarchy, offering no substantial differences in policy from the Conservatives, but speaking in soothing, paternalistic tones and relying on an outdated sense among the elderly that they are the "people's party." In reality, Labour is a non-Etonian elite club as rotten as the Tories.

This is why I endorse the Liberal Democrats in this year's general election.

08 January 2010

My favorite movie of last year gets a new endorsement:

'Christ, I JUST now saw District 9 and cannot believe Cameron doesn’t cower in shame when he finally gets to see how one-upped he was by a rank newcomer EVEN WHEN IT CAME TO HIS ROBOT FIGHTING MACHINE ENDING'

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