18 January 2010

Brian from Tucson comments on Towleroad:

Agreed that Obama has been a huge disappointment and a crappy leader, kissing the asses of Republicans and pushing gays to the side. Still...STILL...we are better off with Obama than we were under Bush and the Republicans. The right wingers were actively anti-gay, pushing state referenda to enshrine discrimination in state and the federal constitions. Better to be poorly led than to be continually attacked.

I must disagree. The gay American has exactly the same legal status as he did at the end of Bush's presidency. His marriage has no value whatsoever in federal law and he can be discharged from the military for admitting his sexuality.

While it is nice that we have a leader who can construct English sentences, we have every right to demand real change. On this MLK Day I thank Ted Olson, David Boies, and everyone who is contributing testimony to the ongoing Prop 8 legal challenge in California. As so often, the West Coast is forging ahead where Washington fears to tread.

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