09 February 2010


red--Federated States of America
blue--Free United States
green--Provisional American Federation
gray--Kingdom of North Carolina and Free Republic of Alaska

March 1, 2030

Chief Minister Gregoire cast her eye over the map, still not really believing it had come to this, a splintering of her native United States. Half-remembered lessons from high school history were not much of a guide to dealing with this kind of world.
"Lord Hagan on line two, maam." An assistant reminded her of a call from the Foreign Minister of North Carolina.
"Good morning, Rob."
"Good day to you, Michelle. But it's been nonstop work here in Raleigh." She could hear murmured conversations in what must be a crowded Foreign Office. Someone had told her they didn't even have live chat set up there yet.
"I had a look at your communique on Virginia. You're very optimistic about the chances for detaching it from the Free States."
"With good reason, my dear. Thirty percent non-white population, education levels among the highest in the South. The referendum last year was aberrant--"
"OK, Rob, I wish I could share your hope, but this is the state that elected Taliban McDonnell. The mass graves of homosexuals are out there in public view."
Gregoire already looked forward to her afternoon jog along the Embarcadero, four blocks from work. It was touchy dealing with Carolinians; one grandiose plan after another belched out of Raleigh while the Free Staters steadily tightened their blockade of its ports. Her primary worry these days was the mushrooming refugee camps in New Mexico. Every week brought more "illegals" fleeing the gulags of Texas.

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