22 March 2010

Andrew Sullivan writes:

There is only one story better than Icarus falling to earth; and it’s Icarus getting back up and putting on some shades. The media will fall for it. The public will merely notice that the guy can come back and fight. Even when they don’t always agree with such a figure on the issues, they can admire him.

Again, the real parallel is Ronald Reagan. People forget how unpopular Reagan was at the same point in his presidency — and passing a big tax cut was legislatively a lot easier than reforming a health sector the size of the British economy. But like Obama he persisted and, with luck and learning, aimed very high.

I would rewrite his second paragraph:

Again, the real parallel is Abraham Lincoln. People forget how unpopular Lincoln was in the first year of the Civil War--the humiliation of Bull Run, the cotton famine battering New England's mills--but like Obama he persisted and aimed very high.

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