31 March 2010

Video Game Addiction.

I just spent an hour reading every d---d comment in this thread (I had already read the Tom Bissel article mentioned). The subject struck a deep chord with me, not least because today I spent 30 dollars to get this game. I fondly recall the days my brother and I hacked our way through the Sonic series (and how we had to bring in outside high-school age help to beat Sonic 2; remember, there were NO SAVES anywhere in the game....)

So I played for an hour today, enjoying the catchy tunes, dying every two minutes, re-learning the importance of not speeding through every level (the sheer wickedness of the developers of Chemical Plant Zone cannot be fathomed), and not having a great deal of fun. It mortifies me all the more because I had no need to spend money to hear the music of every zone--it's all on YouTube now--and I could be happily dancing to the Ice Cap Zone beat* with my discretionary spending untouched.

The folly of a Sega fanboy (for such, I must confess, I have become) knows no bounds.

*Perhaps the best thing Michael Jackson ever composed.

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