20 April 2010

Why am I not surprised that there is a second recall campaign against Mayor Sam Adams?

The first campaign's leaders said it wasn't about homophobia, but Adams' illegal relationship with a 17-year-old intern, and his denial of said relationship. He admitted his wrongdoing in January 2009. The first recall vote was held in October 2009, and Adams was reaffirmed handily.

Of course, one vote of the people is never enough when it comes to puritanical crusades. I would like to think the people behind this would hold all politicians to such high ethical standards, but as we have seen over the past decade those who make ostentatious displays of "faith" and piety are often given a free pass.

Mark my words: when one American state elects its first openly gay male governor (and I am sure it will happen in my lifetime), there will be a vociferous recall campaign against him. He will be accused of 'setting a bad example for children.' No matter how big his margin of victory, he will have been 'foisted upon us by immoral elites.'

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