26 August 2010

Bush Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman Comes Out.

I am not going to praise your courage, Mr. Mehlman. You came out after there were no political consequences left in doing so. In fact, I believe you owe PFLAG an apology.

You are a professional 'message man,' so forgive me for putting words in your mouth:

I, Ken Mehlman, apologize for the hateful campaign rhetoric of the Republican Party in the years 2001-2009. I know that the president I worked for gave his approval to demonizing gay people in order to turn out more voters. I admit that President Bush did not once speak out concerning the civil rights of gay Americans.

It is relatively easy to be an openly gay man where I live now, in Manhattan, but I know the same cannot be said for gay people in rural Arkansas, West Virginia, and other places that my campaigns targeted with their homophobic appeals. To all the people whose lives were deluged with shit-buckets of hatred in the years 2001-2009: I am sorry.

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