21 September 2010

Closing Guantanamo Bay prison: rejected by the Senate.
Creating a public option health care plan: rejected by the Senate.
Doing anything whatsoever about climate change: rejected by the Senate.
Now, repealing the unconstitutional Don't Ask Don't Tell law: rejected by the Senate.

"With the omnipotent means of corruption in the power of our spoilers, all struggle is vain. We must wait for our redress and regeneration till corruption shall have exhausted the means of corruption..." Sir Francis Burdett, 1807.

"NO let them exist not one day longer, we are the Sovereignty...Drag the Constitution from its hidden place--and lay it open to publick inspection--Shake the Earth to its centre." A handbill distributed in Bingley, Yorkshire, 1801.

[Both quotations from E.P. Thompson, The Making of the English Working Class]

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