28 October 2010

I greatly appreciated this profile of Lt. Dan Choi.

Some have criticized him for going on a hunger strike. "When I saw that, I thought it was ridiculous! You look insane!" says Jake Goodman, a founding member of Queer Rising. Goodman, no stranger to direct action, chained himself to the New York Marriage Bureau last year, but he was "very turned off" by Choi's strike.

"I have a lot of respect for Dan, and I know him personally," Goodman says. "If you feel someone shouldn't chain themselves to the White House, I say too bad. You can do your tactic, and you can see how well it's working." Still, he thinks a "hunger strike has to be about life and death. It shouldn't be done lightly as something just to raise the stakes."

Being kept in the closet is a kind of silent, unnoticed death. I am in awe of Lt. Choi's courage.

20 October 2010

A would-be senator from West Virginia thinks Obama has a "white working-class problem."

I am white, and working class (I don't expect to earn more than $25,000 a year at my job). I am sick to high heaven at white Democratic politicans stabbing the president in the back to curry favor with racist fucktards.

12 October 2010

Ron Johnson: A Dangerous Man.

An 'intensely private guy with a good business and a nice house on Lake Winnebago' wants to unseat Senator Russ Feingold in my state. God knows what he actually wants to do in office, except shovel subsidies to his beloved plastics industry. He doesn't like this year's health care bill, saying Obama has been 'demonizing doctors.' Can he show me any evidence of this tendency, or is this just another claim valid only in the ethereal plane, as so many Tea Party rallying cries are?

I remember distinctly that Republicans demonized Obama from day one of his campaign for (among other things) 'lacking experience.' So it only stands to reason they would nominate someone with zero political experience to a position of great power. Mr Johnson's current Rasputin, Curt Anderson, "presented [him with] two options: legislator or messenger."

"I will be a messenger," he says, pointing to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) as a kind of guiding star in the Senate.

Here we have a morsel of what kind of Senator Ron Johnson would be: theocratic, ever-ready to demonize gays, Muslims, and blacks, virulently anti-science.

I implore Wisconsin voters to think twice about voting for this 'good businessman.'

08 October 2010

Mrs. John McCain, a strong supporter of gay rights?

No. She is an enabler of the rotten homophobic tyranny that her husband practices in the Senate. If she really wants to 'stop hate,' she should stop appearing in public with her husband.