28 October 2010

I greatly appreciated this profile of Lt. Dan Choi.

Some have criticized him for going on a hunger strike. "When I saw that, I thought it was ridiculous! You look insane!" says Jake Goodman, a founding member of Queer Rising. Goodman, no stranger to direct action, chained himself to the New York Marriage Bureau last year, but he was "very turned off" by Choi's strike.

"I have a lot of respect for Dan, and I know him personally," Goodman says. "If you feel someone shouldn't chain themselves to the White House, I say too bad. You can do your tactic, and you can see how well it's working." Still, he thinks a "hunger strike has to be about life and death. It shouldn't be done lightly as something just to raise the stakes."

Being kept in the closet is a kind of silent, unnoticed death. I am in awe of Lt. Choi's courage.

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