25 November 2010

It is one of my strongest pet peeves to see someone throw great amounts of time and money into an institution that is rotten to the core, thinking that they can somehow save it when thousands of others have failed.

This is exactly what the openly gay Fred Karger is doing with his bid for the Republican (yes) presidential nomination in 2012. He has the dubious distinction of being the first candidate to release a TV ad in Iowa, the all-important primary state. (Let us remember that two years ago, Iowa Republicans chose Mike Huckabee, who has spoken favorably of executing gay people).

I don't doubt that Mr. Karger is an eloquent spokesman for equal rights, and a credit to the gay community. Yet he is pissing away money (100 grand already) that could be going to --- homeless gay teenagers!!!

There is no need for him to stay within the two-party system if he really wants to arouse national publicity. Ralph Nader ran his 2000 campaign without having much personal wealth, and garnered over 2.5 million votes. For the love of all that is holy, Fred, do not persist in this folly. The Republican Party cannot be restored to its pristine Eisenhower-era state.

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