03 February 2011

A National Prayer Breakfast Post-mortem

Where to begin? This event is sponsored, of course, by the Family, an organization which whipped up anti-gay hatred in Uganda to such an extreme pitch that David Kato, civil rights activist and one of the relatively few openly gay men in Uganda, was bludgeoned to death in his own home.

C-Span's coverage of the breakfast begins with Randall Terry, anti-abortion crusader and twice-married Roman Catholic (he claims, like Henry VIII, that "tragic problems" made his first marriage null and void) making a thinly veiled threat of hellfire and brimstone to anyone who will not accept Jesus as Lord on his deathbed.

Then a Republican congressman introduces the President, remarking "it is the genius of our founders, that we have one president at a time." Golden.

President Obama spoke well, but did not even verbally glance at the complicity of this organization in promoting mass murder in Uganda. I think I have reached the turning point today and I will not be able to vote for Barack Obama again; I know I said this at an earlier point, frustrated with him over DADT repeal. He handled that pretty well, it turns out. However, it is the duty of a Christian to confront evil and speak out against it, whether it wears the scowl of John McCain or the evangelical smile of Mike Huckabee.

This is all tied up with Obama's reluctance to make his position on gay marriage clear. I, for one, would be perfectly happy with an ambiguous "evolving" position on the matter--Obama does seem to support civil unions consistently, and that would be enough for me. Evolve for as long as you like, but when you are invited to speak by an organization that goes into a foreign land and demonizes a particular class of people relentlessly, happy Jesus talk is not acceptable.

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