26 April 2011

Yesterday I watched most of the PBS documentary Stonewall Uprising, according to the instructions of my gay overlord, Dan Savage. This morning the history lesson continues with this interview. One salient point:

What has frustrated you about the move toward gay marriage in the country?

Just that it's taken forever. I don't think we should have taken the state by state approach because it just makes it go on, and then you have to re-sue and defend. Things need to go to the Supreme Court as fast as possible. There were ways it could have gone to the Supreme Court a lot earlier. If we lose at the Supreme Court, which everyone was afraid of, you just come back again.

True that. Too many gays are afraid of losing a high-profile national case on marriage equality. They should remember that the infamous Dred Scott decision (1857), aggressively upholding the system of slavery, was not a death-blow to the abolitionist cause. If anything, it made the election of Abraham Lincoln even more plausible, as Northern opinion reacted with horror to the inhumane reasoning of Chief Justice Taney.

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