11 May 2011

As the state of New York debates gay marriage again, I worry where the deepest loyalties of legislators lie. Can self-described Catholics (including the governor) break with their church hierarchy, stand up for equal rights, even at the risk of shrill denunciations from the pulpit and the denial of communion?

More and more, I question how anyone can be a good Catholic and a supporter of equal rights for all. So many other churches have reformed their views of homosexuality (just now the Presbyterians did) that clinging to Roman Catholicism seems like a bigoted imus retro, a rejection of all the social progress of the last 40 years.*

* The church has clearly not gotten over what Pius IX said in 1864: "It is an error to believe that the Roman Pontiff can and ought to reconcile himself to, and agree with, progress, liberalism, and modern civilization."

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