03 May 2011

We are well on our way to erecting a Jim Crow regime in Wisconsin. The new voter ID bill is being discussed at the Capitol.

Rep. Stone asked hearing participants to use care with the word "disenfranchisement," only applying it to situations in which the bill would make it "impossible" for eligible voters to access the polls.

"I'm very concerned about the use of 'disenfranchisement' when the bill cannot disenfranchise people, because that would be unconstitutional," said Stone...

What part of "Voter qualifications have no relation to wealth" does Mr. Stone not understand? This was what the Supreme Court ruled in a landmark 1966 case.

The bill is almost certain to pass. If they value our civil rights at all, Wisconsin poll workers should disobey the law. The New Slave Power* is busy crafting kinder, gentler shackles for the commoners ("much more forgiving!"), and will stop at nothing until their control of all branches of government is assured forever.

* I use this term in reference to the corporations and millionaires who buy politicians and seek to rig every law and social compact in their favor. They are as sinister as the slaveowning aristocracy used to be.

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