18 May 2011

Why are Senate Democrats such wimps?

Harry Reid is already bemoaning the likelihood of Republicans blocking the nomination of Goodwin Liu to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:

“Everyone agrees that Goodwin Liu’s nomination is far from the ‘extraordinary circumstance’ that would warrant a filibuster. The only extraordinary things about Liu are his experience, accomplishments and integrity,” Reid said on the floor Tuesday night.

“I think he should be confirmed unanimously. At the very least, he undoubtedly deserves an up-or-down vote. But Senate Republicans have already forgotten the lessons of the nuclear option. Today, they are threatening to block this highly qualified nominee from confirmation,” Reid said.

Oh my goodness, what can we do? If there was only some way to, I don't know, change the rules of the Senate or something so an embittered minority couldn't block nominees?

In January of this year three senators made a push for filibuster and other rules reform. 50 Democrats, plus Vice President Biden, could have reestablished majority rule. Instead, some Democrats spurned the idea in favor of "some sort of handshake agreement in which the GOP minority would promise to be more cooperative—for instance, by ending voluntarily all secret holds on legislation."

Four months later, secret holds are still being used.

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