20 June 2011

It was with great interest and a kind of fascinated horror that I read the New York Times profile of Michael Glatze, "My Ex-Gay Friend."

The only way I can make sense of Glatze's transformation is that he has rejected, not just homosexuality, but all sexuality. He seems to be responding to a divine call to celibacy, and probably feels intense guilt over his sexual history (which was probably never very promiscuous, but that hardly matters to him).

He is absolutely wrong to say "God creates us [all] heterosexual"--this is a hackneyed argument from the natural law tradition, which, since the days of Aquinas, has never bothered to study nature--and his hateful repudiation of his past gay activism work is very dispiriting. I am not ready to consign Glatze to the tent of Jerry Falwell, though. When his attempts at being happily heterosexually married fail, as is inevitable, I think he will be able to contribute to the gay community again.

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