09 August 2011

Islam as a rescuing religion has determined specific dignity for women, Islam has valuable instructions for women...Women have the responsibility as a teacher or coordinator for her family.

1996 Decree of the Kabul Religious Police (translated from Dari). Included in the appendix to Taliban, by Ahmed Rashid.

I haven’t seen anyone make the argument but it seems obvious to me that for the law to say that same-sex marriage is the moral equivalent of one-man, one-woman marriage is simultaneously to proclaim that the unique gifts of women are officially, by government decree, not in any way important.

By that token, it’s opposed to the dignity of men, too, in that it (ironically!) un-sexes all of us. The challenge to women is direct, however. The womb? Child-rearing? Same-sex marriage proclaims them—and the policies and lifestyle needed to support them—insignificant.

Rebecca Teti, Catholic blogger, somewhat more recently.

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