31 August 2011

Why don't you pray to live and ask to be freed? The God you serve is the God of Paul and Silas who opened their prison gates, and if you have all the faith you say you have, you ought to believe that He will open your prison doors too. If you do believe that, let all your songs and prayers hereafter be songs of faith and hope that God will set you free; that the judges who have to pass on your cases will be given the wisdom and courage to decide in your behalf....Pray to live and believe you are going to get out.

Ida Wells-Barnett speaking to black men imprisoned in Arkansas during a 1920 race war (the word is not too strong, read On the Laps of Gods by Robert Whitaker for the whole story). Today I pray for all gay American servicemembers, who have 20 more days before their prison doors are flung wide open.

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