15 September 2011

Jennifer Rubin is troubled by Rick Perry's pride in his lack of education.

Yes, he was trying to be self-deprecating, but it’s disturbing to see that he thinks being a rotten student and a know-nothing gives one street cred in the GOP. Is it so important to defy the MSM by flaunting affection for anti-intellectualism?

Duh. Less than 7 years ago Americans elected George W. Bush. Anti-intellectualism is an effective strategy in American politics. Nobody has gotten elected president, ever, by trumpeting his bachelor's degree, much less a law school record or any graduate education. (Some may think we have broken this phenomenon by electing Obama, but I don't recall Obama ever saying anything like "vote for me because I did so well at Harvard Law.")

If Rubin wants to make the electorate less anti-intellectual, perhaps she should start getting involved in campaigns to improve public education. She could also stop spreading false information in her Washington Post column.

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