03 October 2011

Actor Mark Ruffalo has some choice words for those who superficially attack the Occupy Wall Street protesters:
When people critique this movement and say spurious things about the protesters' clothes or their jobs or the general way they look, they are showing how shallow we have become as a nation. They forget that these people have taken time out of their lives to stand up for values that are purely American and in the interest of our democracy. They forget that these people are encamped in an urban park, where they are not allowed to have tents or other normal camping gear. They are living far outside their comfort zone to protect and celebrate liberty, equality and the rule of law.
He goes on:
Their message is very clear and simple: get money out of the political process; strive for equality in taxation and equal rights for all regardless of race, gender, social status, sexual preference or age. We must stop poisoning our food, air and water for corporate greed. The people on Wall Street and in the banking industrial complex that destroyed our economy must be investigated and brought to justice under the law for what they have done by stealing people's homes and savings.
My criticisms:  "Getting money out of the political process" is perhaps not the first thing we should be aiming at.  It's "sexual orientation," not "sexual preference."   And there is no "banking industrial complex," because the biggest banks aren't industrial.  They are parasitic, sucking from the economy of real goods and necessary public services.  Nonetheless, I thank Mark for trying to articulate the goal of this movement.

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