07 October 2011

The NY Times reports:
The Most Rev. Rowan Williams, archbishop of Canterbury, will travel to Zimbabwe this weekend as part of an African tour and will seek to persuade President Robert G. Mugabe to help end a rift among the country’s Anglicans, according to the archbishop’s office here. Archbishop Williams, the spiritual leader of the world’s Anglicans, wrote to Mr. Mugabe this year and urged him to stop “the continuing bullying, harassment and persecution” of Anglicans who support the global Anglican Communion rather than a breakaway group led by Nolbert Kunonga, an excommunicated bishop and ally of the president. Mr. Kunonga, an American-trained priest, broke with the church, one of Zimbabwe’s major denominations, in 2007, saying that gay priests and congregants had gained too much influence...
I'm all for dialogue and listening, but this seems like the very definition of a doomed mission.  Hopefully it won't give Mugabe an excuse to imprison or torture more dissenters in his country.

Worth noting that in 2007, when Kunonga broke with the Communion, there was just one openly gay bishop in the US Episcopal Church, out of 110 dioceses.  Too much influence, indeed.

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