24 October 2011

This is my preview / non-review of the movie Anonymous, coming out this Friday:

The idiots who believe Shakespeare didn't write the plays of Shakespeare are no more respectable than the idiots who believe President Obama was born in Kenya.  Both kinds of idiots have a hard time accepting that talent sometimes comes from obscurity and villainous* backgrounds.  One kind of idiot is concentrated in the base of the Republican party, the other kind in Hollywood circles of actors whose egos have grown tumescent.

If you were tempted to see this movie, I advise you to watch The Princess Bride instead.  It will have much more of reality in it.  That is all.

*I'm using the word in the pre-modern sense, which meant someone of common birth and inferior education.  See Henry VI:  "base dunghill villain and mechanical, I'll have thy head for this thy traitor's speech."

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