26 February 2013

I think I'll begin today by citing two wise men.  First, Freddie De Boer:

"After all, an ever-shrinking circle of those deemed righteous only serves to further burnish the righteousness of those within"

 Second, Nirad Chaudhuri:
"In demagogic politics the less extreme never has any chance against the more extreme.  There is a Gresham's Law as much in politics as in economics..." (Autobiography of An Unknown Indian)

It is with these thoughts in mind that I feel confident in predicting that, no, the Republican Party is not going to moderate itself until we Americans have elected*, suffered under, tried, and executed a Republican president.  I can imagine a few exceptions to this grim scenario, such as said president resigning under overwhelming duress (much more than it took to get Nixon out of office) -- but the demonic passion that drives people like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan will not respond to any number of conservative bloggers pleading for sanity.  I tremble for my country.

*Due to the planned redistribution of some states' electoral votes, this may not require any more of the popular vote than Romney got last year. 

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