25 April 2013

If we already exist in the final world or in the best of all possible worlds, an alternative future is unwelcome. But if the contradictions are continually growing, and if the victims of the present system of living are becoming more and more numerous, we are bound to look around for alternatives. The people who control the present system, and the system's beneficiaries, always have only a conservative interest in its preservation or a progressive interest in its expansion. But the victims can survive solely by virtue of the hope for an alternative future. The victims of the present system are: 1. Unemployed 'surplus people,' whom nobody wants and nobody needs. Automated industries and digital communications no longer merely exploit; they also produce more and more of these surplus people. 2. Future generations, which will have to pay off the mountain of debt that present generations are heaping up so that they can enjoy their own existence. 3. Nature, which is being driven into ecological catastrophe and left 'without form and void.' 4. The present system itself, which is going to founder on the contradictions it produces and will annihilate the human race unless history is opened up afresh and real alternatives emerge that make this system reformable.
Jurgen Moltmann, "Liberating and Anticipating the Future"

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