07 September 2013

A Libretto Adaptation of the Final Scene of Mozart's Don Giovanni.

Two basses representing Greens and Libertarians confront Barack Obama, who is attended by Jim Messina.

G & L:  Mister Obama, you once invited / us to share our / constructive notions--

O:  That was not a serious offer ... summer's heat / had turned / my brain .... Oh, Messina, this is urgent.  Find a moderator right now--

M:  Let me get, let me - shit, Candy Crowley isn't answering.

O: Wait, but Lehrer--

G & L:  Hold on a sec. / Gone is / the cable TV monopoly.   Reddit Gaybros / are sponsoring / this first round. / They have / chosen / a neutral / mediator. / Brian / Sims, please / step forward ...
{Messina is ransacking bookshelves for Robert Caro's LBJ biography.}

O:  I have never / shied away from / debate!

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