22 November 2013

This rules change is long overdue and welcome.

Still, it's only a partial victory over obstruction, since legislation can still be filibustered.  This may not seem like much of a problem now, with a divided Congress, but if Democrats take back the House majority next November, as it seems eminently possible they could, every bill they want to pass will likely face a filibuster.  Employment Non-discrimination Act -- emergency social security expansion to keep a third of the country from starving to death -- defunding the Afghanistan war* -- it doesn't matter how well these things poll, Senate Republicans will block them with any powers they still have.

*Though the establishments of both major parties have embraced the idea of infinite war in Afghanistan, remember that the Congressional Progressive Caucus (69 voting members) hasn't.

16 November 2013

The Ideology of the Washington Post

"People are often wrong about what's good for them."

That was Dylan Matthews, adorable white nerd* of the Post, in conversation with Bhaskar Sunkara, openly ideological Marxist of Jacobin

People are often wrong about what's good for them, therefore we need Richard Cohen to tell us that interracial marriages are disgusting

People are often wrong about what the best books to buy are, therefore we need Jeff Bezos, Dominus et Deus of Amazon and the Post, to quietly strangle all independent booksellers with sweet sweet e-reader offers.

People are often wrong about how real-world politics works, therefore third parties are a silly topic fit for puerile eruptions.

It really makes sense if you read the Post thoroughly.

*I don't think that's his official job title, but the Post won't tell us that -- only that he covers "all things data."

13 November 2013

For the ongoing cost of the Afghanistan war, the United States could guarantee a Social Security benefit of $746 per year to everyone between the ages of 35 and 65.     Might help some people buy fresh vegetables.

This is my response to the President's constant humble-bragging about how he is going to "end America's longest war" next year.  This, and also to note that the USA was in a state of undeclared war with the Cherokee Nation for about fifty years (ending only with their mass deportation westward in 1838).

10 November 2013

Teapot John McCain, meet your kettle.

And on a related subject, I don't think it's too late to put a major wrench in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  Here are the games' corporate "partners" :

Dow Chemical
Procter and Gamble

Think about state-sponsored homophobia the next time you are tempted to spend discretionary money on Coke products, Big Macs, and Samsung Galaxy blablahs.  As a solitary consumer you cannot save all oppressed gay people, but you have the power to unveil the abomination that is the confluence of global capitalism and Russian state homophobia, and thereby stop the Phantom Train that is driving Russia into the lowest circles of hell.

07 November 2013


Pater meus laborabat inter vos
universitate, meus natus est
frater trans flumen, carus flavus meus
frater.  Admiror te.  Admiror Priscam [1]
tuam, admiror novum ducem tuum [2].

Pervigeat gloria tua, olim
te inundebit maria surgentia.
Deus te teget semper, et humiles
tui justitiam ascisciunt! 

1. Priscah Jeptoo
2. Bill deBlasio

02 November 2013

A white gunman murders a government employee and a black man is granted parole after spending 18 years in prison for a murder conviction most likely framed by a railroading detective.

Just another week in the USA.