08 January 2014

I agree with James Carroll that the Air Force should be abolished -- if for no other reason than to save servicemembers' lives.  This crash in England certainly seems to follow a pattern of dangerous flying that resulted in 4 crew deaths in Alaska a few years back, and 4 crew deaths in Washington State twenty years ago.   Of course, the cult of airpower has many powerful adherents in our nation's capital, and we are already being treated to the commentary of "aviation experts" like Chris Yates:
"We have to be mindful that these are military flyers and they are the best, of the best, of the best.  It would be unusual, once we get through this investigation, to find that this was pilot error; it might be more mechanical fault."

Yes, unusual to find that a bloated branch of the military, idolized at airshows and other propaganda events every year, has not actually done anything to discipline personnel who are reckless with the lives of their colleagues.

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