13 January 2014

In days gone by I was very sympathetic to libertarian organizations and even enjoyed reading publications such as Reason magazine. 

The possibilities of a Libertarian - Green coalition in American politics seemed boundless.

And then I started noticing that most libertarians (at least most of those who wrote columns) had no problem with corporations violating every human right under the sun.  Villainy, for them, has always been more inherent in your local school board than in your HMO or who you might buy gas from.

Liberty, I am bold to say, means jack shit when the natural world around you is incapable of sustaining human life.  And that is what is bound to happen when energy interests buy out governments* so they can take as much as they want from the earth.

*a short list of those governments (with varying degrees of corruption):  Alaska and West Virginia states, Alberta province, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia.

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