08 January 2014

So long, William Thomas.  We hardly knew ye.

This president gets my balls exploding with anger in ways that George W. Bush never managed to. 

You get well-heeled liberals fawning over your "change of heart" about gay marriage in 2012, and you carefully insert the LGBT community into your rhetoric of equality and fairness:  but when a black gay man's nomination to a federal court is being upheld by the fascist clown Marco Rubio, you throw him under the bus and hope nobody notices.  Oh, I'm sure you would tell me one has to "pick one's battles" or some such.  And next week you'll probably be telling the press corps about the sad, sad, state of affairs in judicial nominations and how it's oh so hard to get good nominees confirmed in today's climate of partisanship yadayadayada.    And you might even speak to a black congregation in, say, Chicago or Atlanta and tell them how important it is to treat their gay brothers and sisters with dignity and to give them "a level playing field."

As much as you have done to support LGBT equality, mr. president, you never cease to remind me of Don Giovanni, who sings "long live humanity, long live liberty" even as he destroys the autonomy of every other person in his world.

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