15 March 2014

I've been following this Vox Media / gay-homophobe-hiring brouhaha like a lot of folks.   As a gay man and (more to the point here) a reader of Outsports.com , which carries the owned-by-Vox Media  SB Nation brand label, I am a little mystified why Ezra Klein is mystified that there's been a backlash to hiring Mr. Ambrosino.

An excellent broadside, focused on the emptiness of "diversity" as a buzzword in mass media, can be found here.

Hopefully, by 2018, Mr. Ambrosino will have come to his senses regarding what sexual orientation is.  If not, brace yourselves for an ideologically diverse piece about how it's for everyone's good that the Russian government is putting gay people in re-education camps during the World Cup (and, perhaps, turning Robbie Rogers away at the airport).  Hey, maybe the Ukraine crisis four years ago could have been avoided had those pesky gay leftists in Russia read my thoughtful essays on the chosenness of homosexuality! 

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