19 May 2014

Preach it sister / brother:

As a college instructor, I’m thrilled to see politically engaged students speaking out against awarding honorary degrees and, in some cases, massive speaking fees (Rice was set to be paid $35K) to individuals who they believe do not represent their values. We can’t wag our fingers at millennials for being self-absorbed and then simultaneously criticize them for protesting powerful political figures, which is an inherently social and political act.

And--"we have been able to curate our own little worlds using technology"?  When in the history of humankind has this not been true?  Were steppe-dwelling twenty-somethings of four thousand years ago denounced for embracing WHEELED TRANSPORTATION, selfishly retreating into their own little technological boxes and forsaking the grown-up way of dragging trade goods on sledges?  I shudder to think what happened when these spoiled youngs learned of the ALPHABET, and they became able to read THINGS THAT THEY PERSONALLY SELECTED. 

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