20 February 2015

The Muslim

He's either a fanatic, or not really religious at all;
god stopped speaking to men around 200 CE
and we as a species have grown out of prophecy
and revelation and holy scriptures
(Steve Pinker lays it out so well in his TED talk)
If my grandchild's school gets a bomb threat
I feel afraid and it's then that Obama's summits
on extremism pay dividends, don't they?

Yeah there are churches out there that are kind of kooky
and preach against unbelievers
and I've heard that not all Hindus are easygoing
but there's a problem with Islam
and it treats women so badly,
even worse than those college boys who're
always getting accused of rape
and that medieval ritual nonsense
about wiping your ass with the left hand
has no place in our time, (excuse me Jane from
the Elks club is calling -- I have to take this)

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