06 March 2015

Oh, Slate, please.  This is not "a new low" for the NRA.

If liberals want sensible gun control measures to pass in this nation, they have got to stop dancing around the truth:  the NRA is a right-wing terrorist organization that has repeatedly called for violent revolution against the federal government and has literally no moral scruple when it comes to putting weapons of mass murder in the hands of white people (yes, its racial notions are pretty flipping obvious).

I'm a little puzzled why the Southern Poverty Law Center hasn't put it on its list of hate groups.

In the 2013 CPAC convention, Rep. Carolyn Mccarthy, who lost her husband to gun violence and sponsored a bill to prevent similar tragedies, was mocked as a stupid liberal elitist.

If there's one thing Democrats who care about gun control should take away from this latest feces-slinging from the NRA, it's that "reaching out" to Wayne LaPierre[1], Mitch McConnell, et al.  is pointless.  It'd be one thing if you had any common moral ground with these monsters, but no matter how you try to be conciliatory toward the gun industry and preach "responsibility, not control," they will turn right around and plunge the dagger into your back to a cheering crowd of extremists and total idiots who just want a free duffel bag.

These bullies do not want to cooperate with you.  Indeed, their business model requires them not to.  The only shooting victims the NRA cares about are imaginary (white) victims of imaginary (almost certainly black or Latino) killers.

[1] Who still publicly denies that Obama is a legitimately elected president.