11 July 2015

A Breakdown of the Presidential Election Campaign So Far (for the edification of foreign observers, and anyone who prefers neutral reporting)

On the Democratic side, we have self-styled socialist Bernie Sanders surging with a populist message against inequality.  His poll numbers are beginning to alarm the campaign of self-styled moderate liberal Hillary Clinton, who has hitherto been coasting to her party's nomination with weak opposition from self-styled centrist Lincoln Chafee and self-declared gun-control advocate Martin O'Malley.

On the Republican side, we are seeing self-styled conservative Jeb Bush raking in much money, with a bevy of challenges from self-declared Christian Rick Santorum, self-anointed successor to Reagan Scott Walker, and self-styled champion of African-Americans Ben Carson (to name just a few in the crowded field).  Self-styled business conservative Donald Trump has been much in the spotlight recently after comments he made regarding the sexual proclivities of Mexican-American men.

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