29 September 2015

Scott Walker, who has never passed up an opportunity to stiff the ordinary citizen with the costs of his lifestyle, was probably forced out of his presidential run by federal labor authorities.  To me, anyway, that seems the most plausible theory.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

The State Patrol is rescinding the $4-an-hour raises given to Gov. Scott Walker's security team and cutting the unit ... The move comes after the U.S. Department of Labor ordered WISDOT to award overtime pay dating to May 19, 2013, to nine officers in the state Dignitary Protection Unit, which provides security for Walker 24 hours a day, seven days a week ... Walker's political operation in April agreed to pay travel costs for the security team, but taxpayers continued to pay for their salaries and benefits, including their overtime costs.  [as reported in the Wisconsin Gazette of Sept. 10, 2015]

02 September 2015

A Warning Against Wage Theft from the Iliad

[Poseidon speaks to Apollo]
Young fool, what a mindless heart you have.  Can you not even
now remember all the evils we endured here by Ilion,
you and I alone of the gods, when to proud Laomedon
we came down from Zeus and for a year were his servants
for a stated hire, and he told us what to do, and to do it?
Then I built a wall for the Trojans about their city,
wide, and very splendid, so none could break into their city,
but you, Phoibos, herded his shambling horn-curved cattle
along the spurs of Ida with all her folds and her forests.
But when the changing seasons brought on the time for our labor
to be paid, then headstrong Laomedon violated and made void
all our hire, and sent us away, and sent threats after us.
For he threatened to hobble our feet and to bind our arms,
to carry us away for slaves in the far-lying islands.
He was even going to strip with bronze the ears from both of us.
Then you and I took our way back with hearts full of anger
and wrath for our hire which he promised us and would not accomplish it.
Yet to his people you give now your grace, and you will not
try with us to bring destruction on the insolent Trojans
evil and complete, with their honored wives and their children." (21: 441-460, Richmond Lattimore translation)
Two weeks after Woodstock a conference opened at the infamous Hilton in Chicago, where across the street a rally was commemorating the countercultural victims of the 1968 Democratic convention.  The conference opened with a prayer for the Lord's blessing in the struggle against the "humanistic, godless effort to destroy the sanctity of the home and the well-being of America."  That was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance and the national anthem.  Then the chairwoman, a Mrs. Albert Flemming, asked the cameramen in the back to turn down the TV lights.  When the cameramen didn't respond, someone shouted, "Who the hell wants the news media anyway?"  The National Convention on the Crisis in Education had come to order.  Delegates came from twenty-two states, groups with such names as Mothers for Moral Stability (MOMS) and Parents Opposed to Sex and Sensitivity Education (POSSE).  The hallways burbled with talk of ... the classes that taught about copulation between people and livestock.  The moral dissolution society was falling to as surely as snow to spring.  And the villain responsible for it all:  a woman named Mary Calderone.  The former medical director of Planned Parenthood, Calderone had come up with the idea for her organization, the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, at a 1961 conference of the National Association of Churches ... Her supporters saw themselves as the opposite of subversives.  'The churches have to take the lead,' Dr. Calderone, herself a Quaker, would say, 'home, school, church, and the community all working cooperatively.'

from Rick Perlstein, Nixonland