29 September 2015

Scott Walker, who has never passed up an opportunity to stiff the ordinary citizen with the costs of his lifestyle, was probably forced out of his presidential run by federal labor authorities.  To me, anyway, that seems the most plausible theory.  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

The State Patrol is rescinding the $4-an-hour raises given to Gov. Scott Walker's security team and cutting the unit ... The move comes after the U.S. Department of Labor ordered WISDOT to award overtime pay dating to May 19, 2013, to nine officers in the state Dignitary Protection Unit, which provides security for Walker 24 hours a day, seven days a week ... Walker's political operation in April agreed to pay travel costs for the security team, but taxpayers continued to pay for their salaries and benefits, including their overtime costs.  [as reported in the Wisconsin Gazette of Sept. 10, 2015]

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