12 February 2016

For one of the best articles on the Bernie phenomenon, and why those children are so crazy about him, turn to Jim Newell's recent piece.  (It's 3 internet pages long!)

The last paragraph is worth quoting in full:

Sanders’ proposed solution is a long shot, and it is not without its arguable premises. But the fact that he’s the one who’s most up-front about its difficulty is what gives his supporters the impression that his campaign is one worth joining. What Sanders knows, though, is that his own election or defeat in this primary cycle is a minor part in the movement he’s trying to create that needs to last for years and not just to spike during election seasons. That means insisting that people continue to think of big changes in their politics, not small ones—even if they’ve been burned before.
One criticism:  that 2.7% unemployment rate in North Dakota you highlighted is not going to stay so amazing for long

Still, I'm glad there's one journalist out there listening to the actual words that come out of Bernie's mouth and not describing his campaign from vague memories of anarcho-syndicalist tracts read in college.

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