02 March 2016

My head was working full speed in these minutes, on our joint behalf, to prevent the fatal first steps by which the unimaginative British, with the best will in the world, usually deprived the acquiescent native of the discipline of responsibility, and created a situation which called for years of agitation and successive reforms and riotings to mend.  I had studied Barrow and was ready for him.  Years before, he had published his confession of faith in Fear as the common people's main incentive to action in war and peace.  Now I found fear a mean, overrated motive; no deterrent, and, though a stimulant, a poisonous stimulant, whose every injection served to consume more of the system to which it was applied.  I could have no alliance with his pedant belief of scaring men into heaven...

T.E. Lawrence, Seven Pillars of Wisdom, chapter 117

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