22 September 2016

A Rejoinder to @Chris_arnade

Mr. Arnade, your photography is beautiful and a credit to the nation, but the words you presented us with in this essay grate on me.

Is racism not deplorable?  Is homophobia not deplorable?  That's what Clinton was talking about.  In your images I see three white people happily showing racism (that Confederate flag with added revanchist motto is really something) to the world.  I wonder what the black people you photographed think about those white people you also photographed.  If going on the offensive against bigotry is "scornful," then I want some more of that scorn.

As for my attitude towards the Democratic nominee, I am sympathetic to those of your subjects who say she's "aloof and calculating" or "in Wall Street's hands."  There is undoubtedly some truth in these assessments.  However, since in your words you present no socially redeeming alternative to voting for a Republican or a Democrat*, this is my response:  I would rather be governed by an elitist, sometimes holier-than-thou missionary than by Biff Tannen.  The choice is not even close.

*And, after all, this is the only choice all of your subjects are guaranteed to have on their November ballots, although some may also see Jill Stein's name - and I happily concede that she is a real fighter for working-class interests.

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