02 October 2016

The Awkward Whiteness and Maleness of Bloggingheads.tv

Bloggingheads.tv, along with its sister site meaningoflife.tv, is a well-respected and respectable website of intellectual discussion and humorous banter (the latter, at least with those pairs of guests who have become fixtures of the site with their own 'shows.')

To my chagrin, though -- and I expect site mastermind Bob Wright is not unaware of the problem -- the heads that blog, and talk, are becoming awfully monoracial and awfully male lately.  With the exception of African-American economist Glenn Loury, not one guest who is not both white and male has been seen on the site since September 13.  (Yes, this includes meaningoflife.tv guests.)

This is not to say that these white male guests have been poor-quality; I particularly enjoyed Anthony Silvia and what he had to say on gnosticism.  And yet I wonder when the old white guys will permit others to expound on the meaning of life, so to speak, and three-quarters of humanity will see itself reflected in the philosophical and political agora that is Bloggingheads.  I sincerely hope it will not take another year before we can have an Asian-American thinker like David Kim on the site, for example.

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